The project was created for the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition in 2018. This annual show gathers talented designers and craftsmen working in Denmark who are invited to create their interpretation of a given theme. Each year the exhibition takes place in a new venue which often provide the framework for the design brief.
In 2018, the exhibition was situated in the one of the most beautiful buildings in Denmark – Thorvaldsen’s Museum.

“MONO is this year’s theme, a prefix that sparks a range of associations: monochrome, monolith, monologue, monopoly, mono … This year’s exhibition is thus based on the members’ personal interpretations of simple, monochrome furniture that speaks for itself. If you could only create one piece of furniture, what would you choose?”

Lethe is a museum bench inspired by the classical forms, sensual structures and tactile qualities of Thorvaldsen’s sculptures. The piece is made of a bespoke material, where ultramarine glass is mixed with pigments and resin to form a crystalline texture. With its deep blue notes the bench invites reflective contemplation. The color also suggests more ethereal connotations, striking an interesting contrast to the monolithic form.