Products designed for Blomus.

Challenging the traditional shape of the jewellery stand, Castea is a modern and sculptural display for your most treasured pieces of jewellery. Drawing inspiration from old-style jewel cases, the designer has added an extra feature to the design in the shape of little platforms lined with leather for the rings, earrings, and other little gems that would otherwise be stored in boxes and never get the attention they deserved.

A new twist on a timeless classic. This CASTEA set of candle holders by Justyna Poplaswska conveys a sense of timeless elegance and a hint of poetry. The round, marble drip tray with its narrow, powder-coated steel handle is reminiscent of old-fashioned chamber candle holders. This modern interpretation, which features holders at different heights, can be displayed in a variety of ways. Also available with terrazzo or chrome-plated drip trays.