The tables are made of  handcrafted material which is composed of colored glass from industrial waste, bioresin and pigments. Soft, organic forms derive from intuitive hand drawings. Filled with the liquid material and framed with the thin lines of brass strips table tops create the abstract and sensual compositions. The surface receives a satin finish which reveals the glimmering incrustation of crystals. The colors are inspired by the recycled glass itself and together with pigments they create lyrical , chromatic harmonies. The development and realization of the prototypes was possible thanks to the grant received from Statens Kunstfond - Danish Arts Foundations. Tables are made in small editions and are available for sale- for inquiry please contact by email - info@justynapoplawska.com  


    The transition in lighting design as well as my adoration for hand blown glass is the starting point for this project. “Luminaire” is a family of lamps, where milky glass creatures live with LED fixtures in a symbiosis. The physicality of light and organic material becomes the most important part. The lamps provide a warm ambience and the light is soft and relaxing. The glowing sequence of dots, created by LED is transformed pleasantly by glass shell. I am inspired by the authenticity, deriving from natural materials, therefore I assembled glass and leather. This unique combination complements the warmth, created by the light. My approach to the project is inspired by craft. I use my hands to manipulate the materials. I play with the electrical parts the same way I do with glass. This “human made” aspect is crucial to the project. Prototype
  • LUNA

    Luna is a lamp made out of sugar-like material consisting of recycled glass and bioresin. Re-used jars and bottles are transformed into translucent surfaces, which enhance the shining light. Glass is initially fused in the kiln with the use of traditional glass craft technique - pate de verre. Luna may appear delicate, but its structure is actually strengthened by bioresin. The principle idea behind the project was to use the upcycled glass in such way that it is no longer recognizable. Thanks to this transformation, initially unattractive material assumes an entirely new visual quality, a particularly apt act considering the purpose of lighting. It is one-off project and a starting point for the ongoing process of experimentation with recycled glass and resin.

    In this lamp light travels through the solid glass. Tilted is a night lamp where the light appears in a mysterious way.It is transmitted through the solid glass like in an optic fibre.During the day it is an intriguing, sculptural object, in the night, it glows, giving the pleasant, comforting light.  Prototype

    Glass installation for the Gallery of Glass and Ceramics in Wroclaw, Poland. The installation serves as the intuitive portrayal of an erotic scenery with the use of glass in a form of a sketching material.